What We’re Made Of

What We’re Made Of

Calendar icon 16. 11. 2020

We put our heart and soul into each Bespoken shirt, which makes them one-of-a-kind products. In this thread, we will be looking at details of our shirts and what makes them unique.

No templates – We don’t just alter regular standard-sized clothing or employ made-to-measure templates. Every shirt is individually tailored to fit just and only you – and that is guaranteed!

Premium materials – Only premium-grade fabrics are used to produce Bespoken shirts. We currently offer over 120 fabrics, the origin and quality of which are of utmost importance to us. Read these previous articles to learn more.

Narrow and neat – That is how we like our French seams. As opposed to overlocks and double seams, which are common for standard-sized and made-to-measure clothing, the French seam is a more sophisticated and labour-intensive method of connecting the separate parts of our shirts. The benefit however, is a clean and neat seam with only one visible stitch line. We have managed to minimize the width down to 3 mm, which now constitutes the standards of Bespoke.

Dense seams – We fit 7-8 stitches per centimetre in every one of our seams (seams in standard ready-to-wear shirts are generally 3-5 stitches per centimetre). With especially soft fabrics we even manage to fit in 9-10 stitches per centimetre. This makes them very smooth and yet strong which in turn makes the shirt even more durable.

Split yoke – All our shirts have a split yoke. This allows the shirts to fit your back perfectly.

Luxurious button Shanks – Nacre and high quality plastic resin are our materials of choice when It comes to buttons. A small detail like this lends a luxurious appearance to the buttons and the shirt as a whole. Button shanks keep the button further awa from the fabric, making them easier to fasten and avoiding fabric creasing.

Last buttonhole turned horizontal – The last buttonhole is sewn in a horizontal direction on every Bespoken shirt. This small detail allows for more mobility while seated or on the move.

Removable metal collar stays – Every standard shirt comes with removable metal stays, that maintain the perfect shape of your collar. These can also be sewn in on request.

Pattern alignment – Our attention to detail extends to the way we put the shirt together, making sure to keep the continuity of the pattern intact as much as possible. We are glad to put in extra effort to make the shirt even more eye-catching and original.

Decent branding – A bespoken shirt needs not to be spoiled by invasive branding. The perfect tailoring deserves all the attention. The material and fit should be a priority, the brand comes second, we respect that. You will only find discreet branding on a Bespoken shirt.

Ecologically sustainable manufacturing – We care about our carbon footprint and you can read our article on slow fashion here. That is why we aim to minimize the amount of transport involved during production. More than 30 % of our materials are made from cotton grown in close proximity to the factory where it is processed, firstly into fabric and later into a Bespoken shirt.

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