The Origin and Composition of Our Fabrics

The Origin and Composition of Our Fabrics

Calendar icon 25. 9. 2020

You can spot a high-quality shirt not only by its cut but also by the fabric it’s made out of. Let’s take a closer look at the origin and composition of the fabrics we use.

Most of our range of products at Bespoken is made from 100% cotton. Cotton possesses several key qualities, making it the absolute standard in the production of shirt materials and textiles in general. It is comfortable to wear, delicate, breathable, absorbs moisture well and allows for easy printing. It is therefore no surprise cotton makes up a third of the global use of textiles.

We also offer seasonal specials, such as airy linen or flannel to keep you warm in colder times. Some of the fabrics contain up to 5 % artificial fibres to enhance the stretch effect and comfort of the shirt. You can always find the exact composition of the fabric in our shirt creator. 

At Bespoken, we use fabrics from different suppliers from all over the world. We have worked hard over the years to create the perfect mix of materials from various suppliers, each one of them capturing our interest in a different way. For example, you won’t find fabrics more delicate than those from Turkey and Egypt. Their softness is owed to the extreme length of the cotton fibres produced in that area, which allow for a much finer knit. Materials from China on the other hand, are produced with modern, innovative methods.

Our most prominent supplier is the Turkish company Söktaş. Cotton is grown on the companies’ own land near the factory, where it is immediately processed into fabrics. This one-stop-shop policy has drastically lowered their carbon footprint which in turn has earned Söktaş a place among the most environmentally friendly/ecologically-oriented companies on the market today. In terms of quality, only few can match it. Meander 71, an original type of cotton by Söktaş, is considered by many to be one of the best in appearance, silkiness as well as durability. Even when competing with Egyptian cotton, some claim Meander 71 to be even more prestigious of a material.

Apart from that, we import cotton from big scale producers in China and India, who also supply some of the world’s most well-known brands from Milano and Saville Row, London.

Would you like to experience the feeling of wearing a shirt of such immense quality? Utilize our shirt creator and create a shirt to perfectly fit your personality.

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