Cocktail cuffs

Cocktail cuffs

Calendar icon 4. 10. 2020

With the webpage update, we have added new options to the shirt creator. One of those being cocktail wrist cuffs – also called Portifino or James Bond cuffs (otherwise known as turn-back and flow-back cuffs)

When you hear the name James Bond, you think about the Vesper Martini, the Walther PPK and the Aston Martin DB5. More observant viewers may notice other details that make 007 so iconic: his Rolex watch complete with NATO wristband and also – the cocktail cuffs

This accessory was highly popular in the 60s. Apart from Sean Connery enjoying his Vesper Martini in Dr.No, the cocktail cuffs were worn by Pablo Picasso, David Niven or Peter Sellers. Unfortunately, the 70s saw them going out of fashion and they were nowhere to be found, from New York to Saville Row (Prague included). Now is the time for their comeback.

The cocktail cuff is the compromise between the elegant French cuffs and the more practical barrel cuffs. In terms of dress-code, the cocktail cuffs are appropriate for both sides, making this perfect for weddings, office parties and of course as the name suggests, having cocktails with friends or colleagues. This inconspicuous but original detail pays tribute to the tailoring arts of the previous century.

Even the name itself brings optimistic thoughts. If not right now, then somewhere else in the world, it’s the evening and the nonchalant elegant look provides you with the license to, if not kill, then at least raise a Martini along with friends or colleagues. The origin of the name most likely dates back to London in the 30s, where local bartenders were fed up with cufflinks damaging the bar when handling drinks. The solution arrived in the form of cocktail wrist cuffs, just as elegant as the French variant, only without the need for cufflinks. It isn’t entirely certain which tailor created the original, but it is attributed to either Tunrbull and Asser, Frank Foster, Ede & Ravenscroft or Hawes & Curtis.

We have grown fond of the cocktail cuffs quite quickly and are now a permanent part of our wardrobe. Every time we put them on, we can feel the atmosphere of New York Bars in the 30s and James Bond. We highly recommend combining these cuffs with a hidden buttons collar, like Daniel Craig in Skyfall, or a spread collar.

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